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poet, spoken word artist

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The work of PP Hartnett can be described as a creative tumult, a powerful clash of the desirable and the unacceptable, ultimately a fertile ground for revolt and the sort of truth-telling that destabilises normalcy and the arid routines of the mind. Photographer and musician, novelist, poet, and short-story writer, Hartnett embraces the endless possibilities of each genre, often arriving at a place of collision between them.

Elena Stanciu, PETRIe

title: pornographic thermograph (excerpt)

collection: i shouldn't, must stop

due 01.01.2019

pornographic thermograph - pp hartnett

PP Hartnett's writing lies somewhere between a passionate, fleeting embrace and an autopsy. There is an intricately balanced rawness and grace to the lines of his poems, which - due to the skill of their writer - are at once seductive, disturbing and strangely reassuring. Hartnett's work contains a direct honesty that cuts deeply and carves out results that stun with their dark beauty.

Thomas Moore, Skeleton Costumes and In Their Arms

title: schoolboysoul (excerpt)

collection: gentle and tender, act of confession

due 01.05.2018

schoolboysoul - pp hartnett

Whether trailblazing his way as an originator through his penetrating and razor-sharp spoken word and writing or in the world of street style and clubkid photography, Hartnett's visionary finesse guides us through the murky waters of life with caustic wit and impeccable flair.

Dave O'Coy, Fused Magazine

title: masculine noun

collection: three men, in tears

due 01.07.2017

masculine noun - pp hartnett

Hartnett's utterly uncompromising, urgent, honest work has a deep interest in the shadows of the other's gaze. The endless flickering light of the Internet throws contrast and unflinching illumination. It's never clear if this is fantasy, confession or observation, but Hartnett's sharp-edged voice won't let you down. Presented with understated elegance, this is a superb and unexpected treat.

Eric Page, G Scene

title: yeah, he died

collection: date of birth, time of death

due 01.01.2017

yeah, he died - pp hartnett

Peter Paul Hartnett's date of birth, time of death conjures memory, transgression, emotion and the defiance of living, in spare, raw phrases. Heavy with desire, the work is erotic, compulsive and dangerous. Tiny acts of contrition, elegiac, alluring moments of immolation. A reader might not empathize with Hartnett's world, who is groomed then coerced to experience a range of mindsets.

Director and writer, Robert Chevara

PP Hartnett writes about the very biggest themes: love, leaving, death and loyalty in a gloriously poetic demotic; the transcendence of the everyday glitters in his poetry. Hartnett's distinctive voice, both ordinary and extraordinary, courageously mines sexual desire and activity with wit and courage. Is he a 21st century Thom Gunn? No, he is a 21st century PP Hartnett.

James Nash, Cinema Stories

PP is the new ee.

Horton, fitlads.net

PP Hartnett's date of birth, time of death is an incredibly stylish, rhythmically evocative and intricately-woven collection, exploring the detritus of past lives and lost souls. Raw and perverse, yet often tender, Hartnett cannot fail to engage his audience as he so eloquently subjects the reader to almost forensic assessment on desire, obsession, dysfunction. As a book, this limited edition is surely a must-have for serious collectors of transgressive writing.

Photographer Ashley Savage, savageskin.co.uk

PP Hartnett is as good with words as he is with a camera, which is saying something. As with the best Scandinavian thriller, his poetry juxtaposes broad vistas of human experience with f2.8 close-ups which cut out all unnecessary distractions to give us that one tiny detail which makes sense and nonsense of it all.

Ted Polhemus, Streetstyle and Fashion & Anti-Fashion

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